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HELP - Plant Identification


HELP - Plant Identification

Plants have been identified and labeled since the dawn of time. The globally accepted Scientific or Latin Names of plants can be confusing if you don't know them. This system of identification classifies plants into their GENUS, SPECIES, FORM, and sometimes right down to their VARIETY/CULTIVAR. Of course, there is also the well known COMMON NAMES for plants.

Fortunately there are thousands of websites on the internet that can help.

One such highly useful and FREE website for plant identification is The Plants Database which is maintained by the USDA, and can be accessed at: http://plants.usda.gov/

Look on The Plants Database webpage on the left, and click on "Classification". This will give you a very powerful tool for finding out the Scientific Latin Names of plants.

MyPlantSwap.com gives you the opportunity of entering ALL or PART of the Name of the plant that you are Sharing or Wishing for. The more information that you can enter, the better chance Busy Bee will have in making matches for you. But if all else fails.. enter the Common Name.


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